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Sound Test Ireland – Acoustic Consultants who specialise in Sound Testing for Airborne & Impact Sound Insulation, as per the Revised Building Regulations, Technical Guidance Document – “Section E”. This is to be enforced from 1st. July 2015, for Builders, Developers, Architects, Engineers & Certifiers of Domestic Dwellings / Properties.

From this date (on or after 1st. July 2015), for newly commenced domestic structures, a minimum sample of sound tests must be carried out on the separating elements between dwellings (Apartments / Houses) ie. parti walls and separating floors, in order to comply with revised TGD Section E.

The results of these sound tests will form part of the final certification of the property required by Law, Lending Institutions, HomeBond & The National House Building Guarantee Scheme.

See The Requirements for Sound Testing on your development.

Sound Test Ireland offer to Builders, Developers, Architects & Certifiers;

  1. Airborne Sound Tests to Walls as per ISO 16283 Part 1:2014 as per revised TGD Section E
  2. Airborne Sound Tests to Floors as per ISO 16283 Part 1:2014 as per revised TGD Section E
  3. Impact Sound Tests to Floors as per ISO 16283 Part 2: 2015 as per revised TGD Section E
  4. Reverberation Time Tests / Measurement of communal spaces in New Developments as per TGD Section E2
  5. All reports / results are expressed as per IS EN ISO 717 Parts 1 & 2 2013

All Sound Testing and Reporting methods for Walls & Floors are as per the required standards of the revised Building Regulations TGD Part E (Section 2) and enable the Builder / Developer / Architect or Construction Designer, to offer the required proof of compliance from 1st. July 2015 for certification.

We specialise in the quick arrival to site, sound testing and reporting of results, with a complete understanding of building works and the needs / schedule of the Builder / Developer.

We explain the mysteries of acoustics in a manner the Builder / Developer & Designer can understand, in order to assist with satisfactory sound test results for future developments.

Sound Test Ireland have recently completed the “Advanced Sound Testing / Training” course with SRL, UK further advancing their accreditation capabilities to offer real specialist knowledge and experienced Acoustic Consultants to Construction Industry for the purposes of Competent Sound Testing by Competent / Qualified Acoustic Consultants.

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